This showcase is a collection of some of my recent work in HTML5 animation for online advertising. I hope that it will show that the much maligned banner ad can be a pleasant and even welcome part of the online experience.

I call this portfolio “animation haikus” because working in short form online advertising is an art of producing something good (or even great) out of a litany of strict rules and limitations. There are the numerous restrictions of cross browser HTML5 animation, the rules and guidelines of advertising networks, the needs and wants of the clients (not always the same thing), and the layers of interagency approvals. When things go well, the end product is a succint 15 to 30 second message, neatly wrapped up with a bow and served to you on a platter.

A good banner ad should entice you to direct your attention away from what you were doing and intrigue you to click on it to learn more. It should accomplish this feat not by tricking or annoying you, but by sparking curiosity and gently seducing you. The real selling goes on in the landing page, but it’s the banner’s job to get you there and to provide the right context for your coming interaction. If a banner tricked you into clicking, you will not be particularly receptive to the messaging. On the other hand, when a banner intrigues and captivates you, you will be curious and interested about what the landing page has to say. A banner is a store’s window display, the “open” sign on the door, and the friendly smile of a store clerk when you walk in.

Banner ads, by their nature are ephemeral cultural artifacts. They can run live a few days days and on rare occassions even months, and then they disappear without leaving a record. You can collect old magazines and look at the ads and admire their styles, but you can’t collect old websites and their banners. When Adobe Flash disappeared from the landscape, over a decade of my past work in Flash was lost to the ashes of technical incompatibility. This inspired me to make this site as a home for retired HTML5 animation banners I’ve worked on.

Every banner presented here was a group project that involved creative teams, project managers, executives and sometimes even lawyers. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best designers, copywriters, and art directors and the work presented here is our group effort. The quality of my work is a reflection of the quality of the team I worked with.



As a freelancer or as an employee for advertising agencies, media networks and creative boutiques, I have worked on literally hundreds (if not thousands) of banner ads. I’ve done it all at one time or another –from initial concept, to design, animation, programming, copywriting, and technical work. I’ve made some of the best and some of the worst banner ads in history. From “punch the monkey and get a free iPod!” to graceful narratives of motion and text.
My work has been seen by millions, though like most other advertising creatives, only a few know my name or contributions.

I’m Octavio Fenech, I live and work in New York City.

You can contact me through the contact page found here:  CONTACT. I can always use the work.



All banner ads featured in this website are copyright by the clients named in the description.